How do we study culture? We invite you to explore students’ analyses of a variety of cultural texts: fashion, dance, online dating apps, museums and exhibitions, reality tv, viral videos, drag, and K-Pop.

Hello Mr. Ambiguous: Ambiguous Representations of Female Empowerment in K-Pop...

Our project looks at the ambiguous representation of female K-pop groups, zoning in on one particular group named MAMAMOO. We argue that K-pop girl groups occupy a liminal space between…

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Curating Desire

Our group has decided to look at Tinder and how it correlates to the curation/exhibition of the self. Specifically, we examined the profiles of cisgendered, heterosexual, female college students.

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On Dance and Diversity

We explore Millennium Dance Complex, a dance studio that specializes in contemporary hip hop, as our site of inquiry. We ask: How does MDC produce, fabricate and brand a new…

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Harlem Homeboys to Haute Homme

How has luxury fashion been influenced by the subcultural style of hip hop? Documenting the history and rise of hip hop in fashion, we explore this question more in “From…

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The Museum Space as a Site of Counter-Hegemony (?)

While the museum has been traditionally associated with “high culture,” we believe the museum provides multiple points of intervention for combatting the hegemonic ideologies promoted by the museum space and…

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RuPaul’s Race: Performing or Occulting Blackness in Drag

For our final project, we created an Instagram to curate the legacy of Black queens who have appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. We are interested in exploring how Black drag…

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In ENGL 79, “What is Cultural Studies?” students work collaboratively to create interdisciplinary methods of analysis for the cultural objects of their choice. Their work highlights the aesthetic, political, and historical ways that we understand “culture” as a lived experience in the world. Their born-digital projects are the culmination of a semester-long class taught by Prof. Bakirathi Mani in Spring 2019 and previously in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017.( 2021 coming soon)