2002 Exhibit

The original website can be viewed in the Internet Archive.
Management: Christopher Densmore, Robin Jacobsen, Glenn Staufer.
Database/Dev: Suor Kim
Design/Dev: Gerald Tan

2019 SPEED Enhancements

Enhancements provided by Swarthmore Projects for Educational Exploration & Development (SPEED) in summer 2019 included creating the map and occupation visualizations, cleaning and normalizing data from the original data set, and redesigning the overall site theme.

Interns: Alice Huang (‘22), Helen Huh (‘21), Katie Knox (‘21), & Bilal Soukouna (‘22)
Project supervisor: Nabil Kashyap
Program supervisor: Doug Willen
Content advisors: Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Jordan Landes

2020 Relaunch

Overhaul completed in 2020 integrated the 2019 SPEED enhancements with the original 2002 website. Original 2002 exhibit sunsetted, an archived version of which is available through the Wayback Machine.

Design and Development: Nabil Kashyap
Content advisors: Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Jordan Landes

Code available on GitHubgithub octocat logo